VERA: the first and only commercial showcase entirely made of glass. Lights, lines and colors blend together enhancing the preciousness of glass. Class, modernity and design at the service of your envi- ronment.VERA was created to give that extra touch of class that the sector lacked by putting itself at the service of all the best excellen- ces of pastry, ice cream and catering.


VERA is here to exalt your best creations and to give a proper ac- commodation to true jewels of taste. A single glance is enough to understand that it is different: elegant and feminine, spacious and practical, luminous and incredibly modern.


With VERA a new showcase structure is born, an innovative frame, a solid functional base around which SILFER has created a luxurious dress for all those who are not satisfied and love to dare more... It is unique with the solid full-height handle and with the elegant touch control made directly on glass, just a caress... VERA has the ability to enhance and make special everything that it is hosting.


A completely new interior gives much more space and much more light thanks to the introduction of special opaline that smoothly and naturally dissipate the LED light and to the bottom in precious laser-processed stainless steel. A modern interior, thought and desi- gned to enhance and preserve the best jewels of pastry, ice cream and chocolate.

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